Salty Caranelle | January 25th, 2022


Overall Project

-Undergoing new management and leadership changes

-Recently transferred funds to SAGIBIN-LN worth P50k. 

-Our target is to earn around P9K more to fully pay SAGIBIN-LN’s budget request of P72K for community organizers

-Redirecting initiative actions to focus on researching and exposure, and forging partnerships with organizations such.

-Continuously receiving monetary donations to aid SAGIBIN-LN through an ongoing fundraiser form https://tinyurl.com/PDFundraiser2021

Partner Community/Beneficiary

-Partner community is being bribed by the MWSS

-The MWSS is requesting for a large budget on IP-centered communities 

-Partner community has filed for candidacy to run in the local elections (#171 IPEACEEPANAW party).

Near-Future Plans

-Will be launching a Valorant E-tournament titled, “Gamer’s Ridge,” by Early February for our fundraising efforts 

-Will be launching the Gamer’s Ridge registration form and the raffle form for both players and audience members to fill out

-Gamer’s Ridge winners and raffle winners will be contacted regarding their prizes after the end of the e-tournament

-A post-assessment form will be posted mid-February to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the e-tournament

-The money raised during Gamer’s Ridge will be used for SAGIBIN-LN’s needs (i.e. manpower/employees) and for the prizes of the winners

-Tech recruitment for Gamer’s Ridge



Project Updates

-January 8: started preparations for Raffle Fundraiser project

-Transitioned from doing a hybrid (monetary + in-kind) donation drive to a purely monetary donation drive for Odette

-Received a total of P6,800 worth of donations for our Odette donation drive, P3,060 of which was donated to both PAWS and SPAR PH

Partner Community/Beneficiary

Mission PAWSsible PH

-Struggling with meeting daily needs for their rescues 

-Lack of food and lack of resources to accommodate rescue reports

-More updates about their needs are posted on their IG page: https://instagram.com/missionpawssibleph?utm_medium=copy_link


-Still in need of architects for their relief shelter

-Updates on Odette Relief Ops are found on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sparphilippines/


-Expanding their relief operations to Bohol, Cebu, Iloilo and Palawan

-More updates found on their social media pages: https://www.facebook.com/pawsphilippines/

Near-Future Plans

-First week of March: official launch of our Raffle x Webinar Fundraiser 

-June/July: discussing future long-term plans (i.e., long-term partnership with SPAR PH for community skills-training for the development of an animal relief center in Siargao)



Overall Project

-Project Kusog aimed to raise awareness on providing safe and inclusive spaces for persons with disabilities 


Partner Community/Beneficiary

-No specific partner community or beneficiary as of the moment.

-Nonetheless, the project caters and advocates for the following communities:

-As supported by the following organizations:

Near-Future Plans

-Major future plan: to widen the reach of its podcast, TeaPH Time (from DMCA to TIPH-wide platform)

-For further discussions.



Overall Project

SocMed Campaign

-We had a new wave of ambassadors

-Not a recent update but we revived our IG account!

-We were able to increase our likes and engagement!

-January 5: posted a Holiday post

-Will be posting a “2020 MIlestones of Project Lumad” post soon


-No planned content for Jan and Feb

-Write-ups are posted twice a month!


-Launching our pre-orders for our merch soon

-We’re just double checking the samples so that we can finalize the pricing and release the pre-order forms

Partner Relations

-Sent partnerships, media partnerships, and invitation letters to influencers

-Edited and finalized trackers for all partnerships, sponsorships, and media partnerships

-Signed MOA for Mitsa Tutoring partnership

People & Culture

-Organizing another kamustahan call with the Lumad Bakwit School

-A bit low on manpower due to the typhoon and recent surge with cases but will work on member retention after the org break as well as organizing the activities for the ambassadors

Partner Community/Beneficiary

-Most of the LBS community members have already returned to Mindanao

-Teacher Rose (the representative from the LBS) just recently asked me for help in raising funds for school supplies for them in Mindanao

-They’re overall safe and okay; they just need some help with the school supplies

Near-Future Plans

-At the moment, we’re currently focusing on the merch launch, so that we can raise funds for the LBS and hopefully be able to streamline the merch selling as a stable source of fundraising 

-We hope to explore more sustainable solutions for fundraising

-We hope to grow our social media and blog presence

-We hope to explore the legal network more on how else we may help the LBS



Overall Project

Pagsibol Market

Launching the subscription plan for buyers (buyers will be able to avail of a 6-month subscription plan where they pre-order and pay in advance for the coffee that will be delivered to them monthly)

-Field research in the partner community to explore turning over the project to the farmers themselves (this would entail training and capacity-building workshops + resource cultivation)

Typhoon Odette relief operations

-December 18: Started calling for donations for the 1sst round of relief operations

-December 29: Raised P26,728.13 through organizations and individual donors

-A call for partnerships was done!

Partner Community/Beneficiary

Pagsibol Market

-Partner Community: Ambaguio Farmers Association/Brgy. Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya

Typhoon Odette relief operations

-Partner Community: Hinoba-an and Sitio Susu, Negros Occidental

Near-Future plans

Pagsibol Market

-Exploring alternatives for cheaper logistics (to reduce the cost of delivery)

-Setting up for pre-orders only for the month of January-February (given that our founder is busy with relief operations at the moment)

Typhoon Odette relief operations

-Continue raising funds for purchasing construction materials and solar lights

-Main goal: Help the farmers/fisherfolk rehabilitate their homes and provide them with relief goods



Overall Project

-December: Project WISH had recently concluded its Christmas Drive

Partner Community/Beneficiary

-These 21 families consisted of:

Near-Future Plans

-January: to thank the donors of the program, the WISH Core Team shall be incentivizing 4 of these donors by giving them gifts from the project's sponsors (Gibi Shoes and Herschel Supply Co.) 

-January 18: served as a milestone for the WISH Core Team

-In honor of this, the WISH Core Team is in the works of revamping the program into a celebration drive, which shall be launched in the coming months

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