Salty Caranelle | March 1st, 2022


Project Updates

-Received 13, 813.26 Php from Project FUR, Php 30% were distributed to each of our beneficiaries:SPAR PH, PAWS, and Mission Pawssible

-February 5-19: Released Webinar Interest Check and Raffle Market Research Surveys last. 

-Conceptualization of raffle and webinar are underway

-Main events of our fundraiser will be pushed back by 3 weeks to a month.

Partner Community/Beneficiary

Mission PAWSsible

-In need of anti-tick supplements, spot on or soaps due to current tick infestation

-Additional needs: 

Near-Future Plans

-Recruitment for Members will be done some time this week (Feb 21 onwards) for the ff positions:



Overall Project

-Project Kusog is currently on an indefinite project break

-The heads are expected to join TIPH’s internal training, Project USWAG

Partner Community/Beneficiary

-No beneficiary/partner community as of the moment

Near-Future plans

-Planning to be a yearly project, but open to the idea of being a legacy project

-Change/Improvement in branding

-Implementation of a better system within an adequate time of preparation

-Turnover of Spotify account to DPC



Overall Project

SocMed Campaign

-Recently did a trial ad campaign (boost post)

-Posted Urgent Call for Donations Pub

-Posted Merch Launch Pubs

-Made their first analytic report to the PL team


-Updated the UI/UX design of the blog

SocMed x Blog

-Published our first comics

-Increase in engagements with our blog from being redirected from the boosted ad

-Both workstreams already have their content plans for the months 


-Officially launched our merch 

-Revising our order form platform due to some problems encountered by a customer with our current order form

-Funds Update

-Currently exploring more possible marketing strategies (inclusive of SocMed promotion)

Partner Relations

-Was able to secure multiple partnerships

People & Culture

-Closed PL recruitment

-Officially started ambassador activities (kamustahan prompts)

-Just finalizing the date with the LBS community, but we have already prepared the program for our kumustahan call with them.

Partner Community/Beneficiary

-Most of the LBS community members have already returned to Mindanao

-Teacher Rose (the representative from the LBS) asked for help in raising funds for school supplies for them in Mindanao

-They’re overall safe and okay naman and just need some help with the school supplies

-Will have a kamustahan call with them soon

-Will be disbursing the donations received from our fundraiser team starting this week

Near-Future Plans

-We’re still currently focusing on the merch launch so that we can raise funds for the LBS and hopefully be able to streamline the merch selling as a stable source of fundraising 

-We hope to explore more sustainable solutions for fundraising

-We hope to grow our social media and blog presence

-We hope to explore the legal network more on how else we may help the LBS

-We will continue to look for more partnerships, sponsorships, and other opportunities (such as grants) to raise awareness and funds for the community 

-We plan to also increase more interaction with our ambassadors through activities prepared by P&C

-We will continue to explore ad campaigning on social media given that the trial period was successful; we just need to improve our marketing strategy more



Overall Project

-Launched Pagsibol’s Advocacy Campaign

-Launched Pagsibol Market 

-Made many fun and interactive pubs featuring Pagsibol’s Coffee 

-Helped in doing disaster response in light of Typhoon Odette

-Was able to share “on the ground” stories of the affected people

-Raised 100K + money in supporting affected communities in Negros Occidental 

Partner Community/Beneficiary

-Benefit concert for Aliaga, Nueva Vizcaya

-Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya

-Hinoba-an and Sitio Susu (Negros Occidental) - conducted Typhoon Odette Relief operations

Near-Future Plans

-Emailing businesses and joining online expo for Pagsibol Market 

-We’re planning to revamp the website 

-Trying Instagram reels - short clips pieced together of farmers 

-Workshops for creators - content and artists! 

-We will be accepting more partnerships 

-Collaborate with influencers 


-Having Pagsibol Saturdays 

-Exploring the sustainability phase of Pagsibol Market

-Human Rights Foundation Grant: developing an economic freedom empowerment program for the Ambaguio farmers 



Overall Project

-Has been accomplished

Near-Future Plans

-Turnover and onboarding of incoming Project Heads soon


-Extending project reach

-Refining its internal processes

-Revamping the WISH Meal Card system and Project WISH Co(VID)

-Planning and launching its fundraiser

-Project break after a yearlong operations

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