World Sleep Day 2022

Salty Caranelle | March 17th, 2022

What is the sleep culture of TIPH?

As a TIPH volunteer, I’ve found variations in my fellow members’ sleep patterns and habits. There are the usual early birds: “Early to bed; early to rise,” may be their motto. They usually finish org work at around 8 p.m. and respond to messages at 5 a.m. The night owls, meanwhile, stay up and attend meetings as late as 9 p.m. You would often see them online in Discord, still responding to announcements they missed or joining in the discussions in Messenger group chats. Of course, I know more about the TIPH night owls being one myself. Proudly and graciously, TIPH houses people like me, those who contrast, and even those in between.

How is the sleep quality of a CiTIPHzen?

Short answer: It varies. Sleep quality depends on the amount of work done, planned, and left out for the day (that’s in tandem with work outside of the organization). If the work I’ve done for the day suffices and is fulfilling, then the sleep would be peaceful. If the work I’ve planned out for the next day is clear and feasible, there is peace in sleeping. If there is work remaining, sleeping could still be at peace—well, that is with undemanding leftovers.

Additionally, there is the question of sleep length, a factor directly correlated to the quality. Yoon and Kim (2020) assert that sleep greater than six hours on average is sufficient. Contextualized with the study of volunteerism and volunteer activity, there is an immediate acknowledgement of a busy lifestyle. The length, often relative to the level of volunteer activity, can lead to greater quality. Not all the time though. The 2022 World Sleep Day forwards this distinction between length and quality, emphasizing the importance of quality on the physical, mental, and emotional states of an individual.

This 2022, the slogan is “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.” You may access their toolkit through the following link: It reviews sleep, its importance, possible problems and consequences. Indeed, sleep is key. So, you may ask:

What can TIPH do for World Sleep Day?

My thoughts? Celebrate its variety. Quality sleep, after all, is not contingent on whether you are an early bird or a night owl. It relies on how good the sleep is. Simple. With the varying work ethic and habits of CiTIPHzens, a sound mind could only be seeded through a balance of options and workload planning. Even if the going gets rough, the work piles up, or the sleep is delayed, remember: Volunteerism’s goal is to create a better and therefore, happier world. Equally, your own specific world is very much a part of the world you aim to advocate and volunteer for. 

For this World Sleep Day, I would love to get a full night of sleep, hopefully one that is at least seven hours long. Even if work will never be truly done and initiative could always be taken, tomorrow is yet another day to start all over again—and I think that’s the most wonderful part of sleep.

Happy World Sleep Day!

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