TIPH Bulletin - MARCH

Salty Caranelle | April 1st, 2022


Project Updates

-The fundraiser is currently being put on hold as the project transitions into a workstream system to provide efficient manpower for essential workstreams



Overall Project

-Launched Pagsibol’s Advocacy Campaign

-Launched Pagsibol Market 

-Made many fun and interactive pubs featuring Pagsibol’s Coffee 

-Helped in doing disaster response in light of Typhoon Odette

-Was able to share “on the ground” stories of the affected people

-Raised 100K+ money in supporting affected communities in Negros Occidental 

Partner Community/Beneficiary 

-Benefit concert for Aliaga, Nueva Vizcaya

-Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya

-Hinoba-an and Sitio Susu, Negros Occidental

Near-Future Plans 

-Emailing businesses and joining online expo for Pagsibol Market 

-We’re planning to revamp the website 

-Trying Instagram reels - short clips pieced together of farmers 

-Workshops for creators - content and artists! 

-We will be accepting more partnerships 

-Collaborate with influencers 


-Having Pagsibol Saturdays 

-Exploring the sustainability phase of Pagsibol Market

-Human Rights Foundation Grant: developing an economic freedom empowerment program for the Ambaguio farmers 

-Putting together a disaster response team in Project Pagsibol

-Opening Recruitment 

-Building an ad hoc team



Overall Project

-On a project break.


Editor's Note:

Will be continuously updated throughout the first week of April. Posting schedule is yet to be final in an attempt to give more time to the projects. The nature of the bulletin will also be optional in nature, merely providing a platform for TIPH's projects. Thank you for your patience with the growing pains of the project.

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