Project Lumad

Ongoing • March 7th, 2020

Project Lumad aims to raise funds to procure food and care packages for the Bakwit Lumad students in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, under the Department of Marginalized Community Action of The Initiative PH. Project Lumad advocates for the Lumad students’ right to claim education by supporting their Bakwit school through fundraising money to provide food packages and hygiene kits to the 111 student and teacher residents safe inside the University of the Philippines Diliman. With the pandemic depleting their already limited resources, threatening the students and teachers with hunger and disease, Project Lumad asks you to help save the school by sharing aid.

You may do so through the following channels:


Name: Jannah Llewilyn Chua

Number: 002050104258


Name: Mayumi Paraiso

Number: 09175547484


Name: Mayumi Paraiso

Number: 8349062578


Name: Mayumi Paraiso

Number: 09175547484


Name: Edgardo Paraiso


After donating, please fill out the google forms to submit your proof of payment.

Through your generosity, we have raised P406,705.75 as of January 23, 2021 to procure the food and care packages of the Bakwit Lumad students that were delivered to them in twelve waves last 2020.

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