Project Wish "Walang Iwanan sa Hapagkainan"

Ongoing • January 20th, 2021

Project WISH – which stands for “Walang Iwanan Sa Hapagkainan” – is a sustainable feeding program that was established in 2019, and is considered to be the first ever legacy project to have been spearheaded by Project Katipunan. 

Being a meal card system that is geared towards seeking to address food insecurity, Project WISH intends to serve as an avenue for mitigating the aforementioned dilemma through the means of providing the less resilient communities found within Katipunan – the access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious meals for their daily consumption, through partnerships made with food establishments along Katipunan Avenue, as well as through sponsorships and partnerships with various companies across the country.

At present, given the onslaught of COVID-19; an increasing number of individuals have become more deeply affected by the challenges of attaining reliable access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for their daily consumption. Such a phenomenon has become even more apparent within the communities found along Katipunan.

Hence, in light of the current health and economic crisis brought about by the pandemic, Project WISH intends to carry out its objective of seeking to address food insecurity by launching Project WISH Co(VID) – its COVID-19 response initiative geared towards raising funds to be able to provide access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious meals to 20 families from Daan Tubo UP Campus, Area 1, and Area 3. This edition of Project WISH aims to ease the struggle of providing food to families whose livelihoods have been deeply affected by the pandemic and assist them until they can return to their normal economic activities.

Furthermore, to better serve its community, the team behind Project WISH is also currently in the process of redesigning and revamping its meal card system in order to foster a more efficient, inclusive, and open community that can sustainably course food to its target beneficiaries, as well as to cultivate a seamless experience for its stakeholders under the new and better normal.

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