We have an ever-expanding advocacy base that caters to the causes of those who take initiative with us. Our projects seek to address issues that arised within our country and at the same time, encourage the youth to become more aware on their role as a citizen with social responsibilities.

Project Wish "Walang Iwanan sa Hapagkainan"

Ongoing • January 20th, 2021

Project WISH – which stands for “Walang Iwanan Sa Hapagkainan” – is a sustainable feeding program that was established in 2019, and is considered to be the first ever legacy project to have been spearheaded by Project Katipunan.

Project Isip

Ongoing • January 20th, 2021

Project Isip is a legacy project by the Department of Initiatives Project Katipunan that aims to provide emotional and educational assistance through workshops, the Kasama-Buddy System, reviews, and other support system programs in aiding the senior high school students around Katipunan in their pursuits of tertiary education.

Project Pagsibol

Ongoing • April 1st, 2020

Project Pagsibol is a team that aims to work hand-in-hand with farmer communities to strengthen the agri-food system and connect more farmers to the market. As a collaboration between The Initiative PH and The Scarecrow PH, the project initially began as a COVID-19 response to urgently bring relief aid to affected farmer communities during the pandemic.

Project Lumad

Ongoing • March 7th, 2020

Project Lumad aims to raise funds to procure food and care packages for the Bakwit Lumad students in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, under the Department of Marginalized Community Action of The Initiative PH.