Labor Day 2021

Shine | May 1st, 2021

May 1, Labor Day, was first celebrated in the Philippines last 1903, under the Union Obrero Democratica de Filipinas (UODF). An ample number of workers marched from Plaza Moriones in Tondo to the Malacanang Palace to demand complete independence. Sometimes known as International Workers' Day or May Day, this secular holiday resulted from the labor union movement acknowledging the social and economic significance of workers. On May 1, 1974, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed the Labor Code of the Philippines, known as Presidential Decree No. 442.

People of different ages frequently encountered highly unsafe working conditions, with inadequate access to sanitary facilities, not even fresh air. The Initiative PH is one with our workers. Together, let us temporarily set aside what we are doing and pay tribute to our hardworking women and men. We aim to celebrate and provide a day that would honor our respected workers' social and economic achievements.  Wherever you are right now, whether you are an office worker, an online entrepreneur, a teacher, to name a few, it is essential to know that whatever rides in you, it is important to take time off. Without your work-life balance, you might end up burning yourself out. You deserve this day. Thank you for your efforts; you did well! 

Some may not be able to take the day off because of various reasons; thank you for prioritizing your services. The TIPH community would like to take this moment of silence to be extra grateful for your efforts and sacrifices to create the much-improved working conditions that we all enjoy now. You are the strength, prosperity, asset, and well-being of our country.

TIPH would like to thank you all for your dedication. We hope you look back over the past years and be proud of where you are now as much as we are proud of you. The unidentifiable quality you brought to your respective working areas allows us to reach the highest standards by working together. Let us maximize these little victories by using our individual strength for the collective good. You have made progress this year, and not a day goes by that you are not profoundly appreciated. Your commitment is commendable. Congratulations on your outstanding work, and may you enjoy your well-earned and well-deserved time off.


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