The 123rd Independence Day of the Philippines

Shine | June 12th, 2021

Independence and sovereignty make up the foundation of Filipino nationalism and pride. Thus, we commemorate our ancestors’ fight for the independence we bask in this June 12th.

Today marks the Philippines’ 123rd Independence Day, which has always been defined by large-scale protests and organizing efforts. However, due to COVID-19, fewer people are able to take their passion to the streets as they used to. Nevertheless, despite these circumstances, we can still celebrate our freedom from the comfort of our homes. After all, it remains our duty to uphold our sovereignty whatever the case.

On this day, we would also like to acknowledge the sacrifices of front-liners and essential workers to serve our country in these trying times. More than relishing in our hard-earned freedom, may this day be an opportunity to appreciate the Philippines' culture, values, tradition, and strength. 

The Initiative PH firmly believes that nationalism is strengthened by a sense of camaraderie and history. We call upon our fellow advocates to use this day as an opportunity to honor the Filipinos’ sacrifices and unwavering courage. Inspired by their ability to fearlessly fight and dedication to free our country, we hope to continue standing strong and speaking out when we need to. Let today’s celebration remind us to cherish the freedom that was given to us and ensure that no one has the power to take this away once more.



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