World Mental Health Day 2021

Paris, Desteen, Sinagtala | October 10th, 2021

According to the World Mental Health Federation, 75% to 95% of people who have mental health disorders have difficulties in accessing mental health services which gives a higher chance of mental health risks. Indigenous people, LGBTQ+ folks, women, and people with disabilities, among other minorities face a lot of discrimination. The LGBTQ that lives with HIV are prone to the risks of the COVID-19 virus because of the low immune system but due to the threat of discrimination, avoiding or postponing medical treatment occurs which causes negative psychological effects. Meanwhile, women are more affected by depression, anxiety, and psychological distress to than men as pressures from gender discrimination, poverty, malnutrition, domestic violence, and sexual abuse become detrimental to their mental state. 

Various acts of discrimination are the reasons why some indigenous people, LGBTQ+ folks, women, and people with disabilities have a hard time accessing proper health care systems. It is a hindrance that can cause various negative effects to their mental health. 

Moreover, according to the WHO, many patients in developing countries who suffer from anxiety and/or depressive disorders remain unrecognized and are left untreated. Those who disclose their psychological and emotional distress also tend to experience gender bias from health workers, making it more difficult for women to seek help. This prejudice hinders them from receiving fundamental resources and proper treatments for their mental health.  With all this in mind, let’s take it upon ourselves to end the stigma surrounding mental health problems and provide the necessary support for the people around us who struggle.


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Keyword: Mental health, end the stigma